PT. Lancar Sejahtera Bersama built with passion to take place and participate in the framework of realizing common progress, especially in the field of manufacturing technology and machinery in Indonesia.

Along with the development and dynamics of market demand, associated with the demands of the implementation of CRP (Cost Reduction Program) in almost all production lines and other parts of his supporters, the implementation of the China-Asean free trade (CAFTA) that would create new competition in several industries, PT . Lancar Sejahtera Bersama tried to offer solutions to respond to market needs improvement to step anticipation.

With the support of Human Resources (HR) that are reliable, are the hallmark of PT. Lancar Sejahtera Bersama that make the slogan “We Create Your Imagination” as the core of the vision and mission of the company, hoping the presence of PT. Lancar Sejahtera Bersama can be a catalyst for problem solving and implementation of improvement carried out by the customer.

Advance Q (Quality), C (Cost), D (Delivery), S (Safety), and M (Morale) is offering the best service from PT. Lancar Sejahtera Bersama, which not only serve as providers of goods and services, but also become a reliable discussion partner.